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    Default It was a good day....I scored twice!

    So I've been trying to get a Denon 3910 or some other good dvd player for a good price. I missed a few on the forum here and thought I'd never get one. Well lately I've been browsing the local audio sales stuff on a site similar to a Craig list, here in Quebec. What pops up...a Denon 3910 for $600 Canadian. I was his first caller just 5 minutes after he posted and now sitting beside me is a perfect Denon 3910.

    The other score is a complete set of Elvis Presley 45 rpm picture records (there's 24 of them) in their original wrappers and never been played, as well as two 33 rpm Elvis picture discs, all for the sum of $100 Canadian....not sure of the value here, but I figured I can't go wrong with this stuff.

    Amplifiers: 1-SAE Mark IV, 4-SAE 2400, 1-SAE 2500, 2-SAE 2600, 1-Buttkicker BKA 1000N w/2-tactile transducers. Sources: Sony BDP CX7000es, Sony CX300/CX400/CX450/CX455, SAE 8000 tuner, Akai 4000D R2R, Technics 1100A TT, Epson 8500UB with Carada 100". Speakers:Polk SDA SRS, 3.1TL, FXi5, FXi3, 2-SVS 20-29, Yamaha, SVS center sub. Power:2-Monster HTS3500, Furman M-8D & RR16 Plus. 2-SAE 4000 X-overs, SAE 5000a noise reduction, MSB Link DAC III, MSB Powerbase, Behringer 2496, Monarchy DIP 24/96.

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    Congrats Joe. You are right in that you cannot go wrong with 24 EP 45's. Good deal in my books.

    You guys getting much snow this year?
    Michael ;)
    In the beginning, all knowledge was new!

    NORTH of 60

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    Nice grab on those lp's!!!

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