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    Default Choosing a Center Channel for Monitor 50's

    First post. Lots of good information here on the forums. Need some advice.

    Just picked up a CSi25 at Fry's this weekend (still in the box). After reviewing several posts, I'm under the impression a CS1 or CS2 would be a better match for the monitor 50's.

    I have a Yamaha HTR-5740 receiver and Velodyne VX-10 sub.

    Looks like a would spend another $100 on the CS2 (over the CS1), is it worth the extra $$?

    Thanks for the help, Jeff

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    Jeff, I have the Monitor 50s in front with the CS1 center and am very happy with it. I don't feel I'll need to upgrade the center until I move up to higher level fronts. My HT room is not very large...if it was bigger I probably would have opted for the CS2.


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    Thanks for the input Mark. Jeff

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    I have Monitor 60s and the CS2. I found mine used for $112 + shipping. . . much easier to stomach than the $349 retail price.

    I see several CS1s for cheap used and online. Either one should be a slight improvement over your CSi25, but probably nothing too drastic.
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    I had the CS-1 and found it too small. Go with the 2 if you don't like what you have.

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