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Thread: Attach test

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    Default Attach test

    lets see if it works


    TV - LG 42LC2D
    RCVR - Pioneer VSX-816K
    Ft.Spkrs - Kenwood KL-888D
    Center - Polk CS245
    SW - Titanic 3 cu. ft. kit

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    Here you go.

    (no I don't have the answers)
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    I know just enough to be dangerous, but don't tell my wife, she thinks I'm a genius. :D

    Pioneer VSX-816
    Monitor 40's - fronts, bi-amped
    Monitor 30's - surrounds
    CS1 - center
    PSW10 - I'll let you guess
    Blue Jeans Cable - speaker cable
    Daewoo 27 incher - one step up from a console
    Sony Progressive scan DVD

    SOPA since 2008
    Here's my stuff.

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