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Thread: custom box

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    I'm trying to fabricate the box design that is available at but with a few changes to fit my car perfectly. It's a 2.1 cubic ft single bandpass for the MM120. The modifications I have made to it place it's height at about 12.5" internal height. With the .75" of mdf on top there would be about a quarter inch of space between the bottom and the 13" vents... is this too little? I've been doing a bit of research on the matter and have found that sometimes people put the ports on the outside. Would this be a possibility? I'm planning on the front and back of the box being plexiglass and I'm wondering what size plexiglass would be safe to go with. I'm using 3/4" mdf on everything else. And finally I'm curious if the MM124 would work in this box the same as the MM120

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    Since you are planning to use plexiglas for the front and rear panels, I would suggest not having the port protruding out of the enclosure. The "plan B' option would be to change the port length. If you use two 4 inch ports that are 10 inches in length then this will raise the tuning frequency by only 5 Hertz. There will be a slight increase in upper bass frequency output also. The original tuning frquency is 57 Hertz and the new tuning frequency will be 63 Hertz. I have attached response graphs below to show you the differences. Now keep in mind that these are "out of car" response graphs.

    Happy Tuning!!
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    Greetings to all of you audio officianodos out there. I am looking for a mint SME 3012 Series II init's original box. Please pass on any word of one. Thanks, Ken

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