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    Unhappy finding harman/kardon parts

    hi all,

    Anyone know where I can find old hk parts?

    I have an harman/kardon 930 twin powered amp
    that keeps blowing speaker fuses. It's missing
    the fuse holders.

    The previous owner seemed to like wrapping the ends of the fuses
    with aluminum foil to make them fit, and then would tape
    them in place. He/she was not shorting the circuit, but still
    seemed to be asking for it. And yet, I dumbly continued
    in his/her footsteps. Now the speaker fuses blow very
    quickly. I've tried using both quick burn and slow burn fuses,
    though I am not sure that I am supposed to do that. Oh gosh.

    Thanks in advance,,,

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    Have you tried harman/kardon? Their support is still pretty good.

    Fuse holders are not hard to find at ham radio or antique radio fleamarkets, etc. I have a jarful I found at our town dump. Other sources might include and
    all the best,

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    Try Harman Kardon at 516-255-4545. You can get tech support and parts. Not sure of the hours though
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