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    Default looking for chronology, etc. Polk Model 9 vs. 9A

    I have long been fascinated by the original Polk speaker, as evidenced by my very first post here in 2004.

    Thanks to xoaphexox ( ) a pair of Polk Model 9A's has made the trek northward to Massachusetts.

    s/n's of these two 9A's are 44509 and 44596. There is a Model 9 pictured elsewhere in these forums with s/n 43215.

    There is a fair amount of information on the original Model 9 and the "new and improved" Model 9A to be found here, of course (e.g., )

    The original used the Motorola "lemon juicer" piezoelectric tweeter; the 9A used the Peerless KO10DT silk dome tweeter. The 9's grille was nonremovable. The 9A had a removable grille held on with "super Velcro" (like the original Model 7 and 10).

    So... my question is simply this: does anyone here know the years of production for the original Model 9 and for the Model 9A? As I earlier mentioned, a pair of the original Model 9's was installed in the student pub at Johns Hopkins prior to 1976. FWIW, I never saw a 9A during my mis-spent youth, hanging around at Soundscape in Baltimore (ca. 1976 to 1980). I am really curious about this, as well as any other remaing tidbits on these historically significant :-) tower speakers that haven't already been posted here previously.

    Thanks for your attention!
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    Default Matt Polk remembers (sort of)

    The 9 was way before my time so I asked Matthew Polk what he remembered and he sent me this note:
    "I definitely don't remember the precise dates. We're talking generally 1974-1976. There were three tweeters used and two types of drivers. The first versions used the piezoelectric cone type tweeter. Some of these had a ring shaped masonite disk covering the outer edge of the tweeter with some fiberglass stuffed underneath it to suppress resonances in the cone. This was replaced by the black plastic piezo "Superhorn" tweeter which was ultimately replaced by the Peerless KO10DT dome tweeter. I can't recall if the 9a indicated the change to the suprehorn or the peerless dome. If there was a 9b, that would have been the dome tweeter.

    Most of the drivers were a 4.5" CTS-made driver. However, a few were made with a Phillips 4.5" with a whizzer cone. The Phillips driver was a good deal better sounding than the CTS but not nearly as robust. I believe all of the Model 9's with Phillips drivers used one or the other of the Piezo tweeters."

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    Fascinating info; thanks! These 9A's definitely have the Peerless dome (sans the Polk-signature hole in the center) and the coated-cone CTS drivers. Philips fullrange drivers would be really cool in there, I'd bet!

    These 9A's have an overall "tone" remarkably similar to my 7A's (which was a surprise to me). I tried them out last night with a nice, new-to-me Yamaha CA-800 vintage integrated amp.

    Of note on the 9A is an interesting thick foam/foam rubber mat in front of the Peerless tweeter -- looks like something to control reflections or dispersion.
    all the best,

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