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    Question Multiple battery setup help

    Hello, I want to run 3 batteries in my car. The one up front and i got 2 deep cycle batteries for the trunk, and i want them running off of my alternator, is THIS way in the image the correct way to run this?
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    Jon L


    I will be running 2 polk momo 12s in parallel at 2 ohm
    it will be approx. 670x2 @ 2 ohm RMS
    Is this the correct way to do it or no? The batteries are allready purchased...

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    Yes that is correct.

    The batteries should be in parallel, as a series circuit would result in a 36V circuit and causing problems....:)

    Dunno why you need all those batteries though. A 1 Farad cap would more than suffice for your install.

    Hope it slams
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    Polk Woodpecker
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    I would highly suggest upgrading your alternator. The setup you are describing will greatly exceed the charging capabilities of your factory alternator. Once the car is started, the alternator takes over providing power for the entire car. The use of extra batteries is only helpful if you are playing the system without the engine running for long periods of time. I would suggest a high amperage power supply instead of multiple batteries. A capacitor is also a good suggestion.

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    i would recomend 1 battery or a cap or if you want to go mutible battries you can get a device that charges 1 battery at a time
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    Default speaking from experience

    Well i've actually done this.. sort of...

    got a 99 ram x-cab... and I put two batteries under the hood. you should be able to apply the same principles to a trunk install though... so here's my two cents.

    the diagram of wiring is correct.

    however, do you really need that much battery power? One 1500 watt amp wont draw more than 150 amps of current, probably more like 110 nominal.

    if you have a halfway decent alternator (Factory) it'll do between 80 and 100 amps --- mine does 117 so i kinda lucked out.

    either way.. i really think for that setup you can get away with ONE extra battery and two one farad caps -- that third battery will just giveyou a charging / system draw headache.

    Remember this though, whatever you do...

    Run 0 gauge (with 150 - 180 amp fuse) from your alternator to your battery --- run a 4 gauge line from your batt (1st) to your car's power distribution box -- nix the line that's already there.

    run 0 gauge ground from your 1st batt to the ENGINE BLOCK (ideally somewhere right under the alt.

    run 0 gauge from your 1st batt to your second batt with another 150 amp fuse on it.

    do the same for the third batt (from 2nd to third with fuse).

    i really don't think u need all that... I'm pushing 2000 watts rms, drawing 150 - 170 amps and I dont even need what i've got (2 900 cca batts and 3 1 farad caps).

    I really thing 1 extra batt (if you've got a tiny one under the hood such as with some import cars) and a cap or two is all u need.
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