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    Default Upgrading the Unit from RT1000P to RT 1000i

    Is it possible to upgrade a RT 1000P to a 1000i, when I set them up on home theater I can tell the difference in sound Between the RT1000i and the the center 400i and the rt 1000p.

    Also what would produce the best sound for my rear speakers surrounds the LS/fx's or use my old LS 50's for the rears.

    one final thought I have a chance to pick up anouther set of RT 1000 i's would they work well for the rear surounds also? and is the price of 275.00 a good price on these good. I will have to take a round trip of about 300 miles to get them though.


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    275 is a good price if they are clean.
    I would travel 300 miles for them if I needed/wanted them.

    As for rears I think they would be a good rear speaker if you have the room.
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    Thanks for looking

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    Thanks for the info, I have the Ls 50's and question if they would work well for rear surrounds if I get these rt1000i I will have three Rt 1000i's and one rt1000p

    Nisqually Dave

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