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    Default Polk SDA Speaker Post Broken

    THis picture shows the back of a polk SDA 1A speaker that one of the connecting posts has broken off. How big of a hassle is it to replace this post? I spoke with a local repair shop and they told me that some of these are directly mounted on the circuit board and if that is the case it is a BIS $$ repair bill. Any inpput would be greatly appreciated.
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    The posts on my 2B's, from what I recall, shouldn't be a big deal to replace. IIRC, they're mounted to the cups that they sit in. Not sure about the 1A, but it shouldn't be too hard to see for yourself. Just unscrew the 4 phillips heads, and gently pull the cup from the rear of the speaker.

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    sean2221, welcome to club Polk.. i have never replaced any binding posts on SDA's before... but there are tons of knowledgeable people here who have.. i'm sure someone will help you out with some info.

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    if you need an original binding post,, pm me your addy and I'll mail you one,if you like
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    George beat me to it this time; i have a few originals also.

    Changing them is very easy; just unscrew the cup, remove the glue and nuts from the bad post and get the new one in; you'll want to use some hot glue to seal again.
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