I just thought I'd recommend a good CD, James Blunt: Chasing Time, The Bedlam Sessions. I think James is a artist you either like or don't (no in between). He has a unique voice (kind of girlish). Plays the piano and guitar. I like him, and I know those that hate him. I recently got this CD and love it. It is a good recording, and great songs. If you get the import version it also comes with a DVD that is a bonus (note the concert on the DVD is a different concert than the CD, but mostly the same songs and you will need a region free player like the Oppo 970). I'm not sure how I'd explain his sound. Uplifting, and sad. He sings about his own personal experiences. "No Bravery" is about his time in the military during the Kosovo war. "Goodbye My Lover" is about a girl in his life and he says it is the most personal and significant of songs on the CD.
Anyway, that's about all. Here's the one I bought...
James Blunt