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Thread: Luxman amps

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    Default Luxman amps

    I'm doing some remodeling and my contractor was over yesterday and saw my system. Turns out he has a couple of Luxman amps lying around not in use. No model numbers were discussed, but he did mention that one was a monster, circa 1989, that weighs around 75lbs.

    I'm going to audition, but can someone with some knowledge shed some light on Luxman amps?


    Combo rig:

    Onkyo NR1007 pre-pro, Carver TFM 45(fronts), Carver TFM 35 (surrounds)
    SDA 1C, CS400i, SDA 2B
    PB13Ultra RO
    BW Silvers
    Oppo BDP-83SE

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    The big one most likely is an M-117. A lot of amp at around 200 WPC. They go regularly on auction sites upwards of $400.

    This is from the Alpine/Lux era not as heralded as earlier gear but still solid build and great sounding stuff.

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