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    Default Outdoor Speaker?

    What is a good model at a reasonable cost for an Outdoor speaker.

    I have a buddy wanting to wire his deck area. I suggested he mounted them off the side of his porch, however he wants to use stands. I thought the sound would be better mounted high.

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    Fry's has the Atrium 45's on sale for $99.98, basically half price. Highly tempted myself.

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    I just bought a piar of Dayton audio for $100 with free shipping. I like the quality of Dayton, I find they make very well built electronics. I hope the speakers or as well built. I also like the Fr responce they have with a 6.5" woofer. But if they dont sound to my liking, back to PE they go.
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    Dont BAN me Bro!!!!

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