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    Thumbs up Sci-Fi fans...something a little different.

    If you have NetFlix or Blockbuster Online and have run out of things to order...Consider:

    The Quiet Earth

    A low budget 1985 film from New Zealand. A "last man on Earth" sci-fi flick that is very low key. It has a bit of a semi-cult following. No zombies or mutants, and only a couple of pyro-technic events. Be has a very pacifist, no-nuke undertone (very much a Kiwi trait - and even more evident if you listen to any of the commentary). Still, it is a nice film if you like the genre. It kept me interested for 90 minutes and wishing is was a little longer.
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    Thanks, been looking for something new now that my Battlestar Galactica is dying a fast, painful death.

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