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    Default DVD audio hook up mystery: help

    I have two hook up mysteries and will post separately. The first concerns the audio from my DVD player.

    The DVD runs to TV with HDMI. The DVD has optical audio out to receiver. It also has rca cables running to CD input on HT receiver (because I didn't think CD would play through optical audio, which is stupid but turns out almost to be true). I have no audio running out of TV to receiver. I run the cable box audio to receiver and play TV audio that way. Never use Tv's speakers.

    Here is my mystery. I can play CD's on DVD player and hear them on either DVD or CD input selector on receiver. But, the TV has to be on DVD input to hear CD's on optical audio input. I can turn the TV off while set to DVD input and get optical audio from CD but when I put TV to any other input, I can only play CD's through CD input on receiver. I cannot figure out how the setting on the TV could affect this since there is no direct connection between receiver and TV. If this makes sense to anyone, do you have an answer? (See I want to play a CD through optical audio cause it sounds better to me but I want to watch the ball game on the TV and not stare at a blank/blue screen). Mike (oh, and I do get optical audio on DVD when TV is NOT set to DVD input). (and I have a cd player on order with optical out and will be curious how this affects listening options)

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    Man, I just got a headache reading this....never was good at puzzles. Sometimes I wonder how I ever hooked up my own system...oh never mind, I blew up an amp once.

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    I'm GUESSING here, but I'm guessing that if your TV isn't on, your DVD player doesn't get the correct HDMI handshake, and just won't play DVDs at all.... or something to that effect.
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    I had a simillar problem, and all I could figure out is my receiver's DA converter/processor can only handle one digital signal at a time, I'm assuming it gives first prefrence to whatever is going through HDMI.

    I wanted to be able to have my tv/dvd playng inside, and my cd (optical hook-up) play outside in a dual zone set up. Bottom line is the only way it would work is if the cd was on an analog set-up. Nothing in my manual said anything about it either.

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