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    Question Best Amp for mm465 and mm455

    Recently purchased mm465 and mm455 for front and rear, would it be best to go with a seperate amp on each set or go with a 4 channel? was thinking of going with either rockford power series or kicker zr series. for rockford power series either a 800.4(100x4) or 250.2(62.5x2) for rear and 360.2(90x2) front.
    for kicker zr series either ix704(70x4) or zr240(60x2)rear and zr360(90x2)front.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sep 2001
    Ogden, UT

    Wink Run 75x4 on mine...

    You'll pretty much see my whole setup in my signature but anyway, my fronts are the full MM465 set and my rears are just the 6.5" woofers from the MM465 set (I'm a fan of keeping the highs up front only for sound staging, but then, I don't even know/care(much) how it sounds in the back seat of my Altima.... most of the time I drive w/ the rear bench folded forward for optimum sound flow!

    Anyway, powering the aforementioned speaks w/ a Phoenix Gold ZX475ti amp has done me good..... running 75w RMS to each of the four channels there....
    ........ however, I have run them to the point of distortion before I reached the limits (of sound quality) on my subs (w/ 300w RMS apiece)....... but then again, at that volume level, there was no way I could stay inside my car long enough to enjoy it!
    ......... so I wouldn't hesitate for a second to give them more power , up to or even a little above their rated 150w RMS power rating (for the MM465's).... I don't know the rating for the MM455's....

    but raw power isn't everything, either.... I love my Phoenix Gold ZX series amps 'coz they've got the looks, the built-in cooling fans, the power, and it's all clean power.......

    Anywayz, guess I'll shut up now! Happy listnin! :D
    "Deke", a.k.a. Dedrick J Lund
    diehard Polk/MOMO fan!
    2001 Nissan Altima GXE Ltd. Ed. (Titanium Frost):
    - Alpine CDA-7873 CD/Receiver
    - Phoenix Gold ZX600ti amp (2-ch)
    - Phoenix Gold ZX475ti amp (4-ch)
    - Polk/MOMO MM465 system (fronts)
    - Polk/MOMO 6.5" midbass only (rear)
    - (2) Polk/MOMO MM120 subs
    Install: Chris (a creative genius!) at Circuit City in Riverdale, UT
    -- email me for pics (available soon!)

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    Thanx alot appreciate the feedback.

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