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Thread: Digital Amp

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    Question Digital Amp

    I was curious if it is better to use a digital amplifier for 2 mm120's instead of a Class A/B amp. It would save more of my battery power or should I use a seperate battery for the amp?

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    P.J. ,
    Class "D" and "Digital" amplifier are more efficient than class
    "AB" amplifiers so the current consumption is not as great.
    Sonically the Class "AB" amplifiers will sound better, where as the Class "D" and most "Digital" amps are designed to drive subwoofers. For this application, I would suggest deciding on what type of music that you listen to, along with the type of enclosure the woofers will be used in. If the goal is SPL, then by all means use the more efficient amplifier and install the woofers in a bandpass enclosure. If you prefer a more accurate, controlled, detailed bass response, you will probably prefer a Class "AB" amp and use the woofers in a sealed enclosure.

    Regarding additional batteries... this would depend on the current consumption of the amplifier or (s) at your desired listening level. A good economical upgrade is to add a "stiffening cap" then if needed add the extra battery and install a battery isolator.

    Happy Amping!!
    Kim, Polk Audio

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