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    That's Crazy :)

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    That's awesome.

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    Does anyone remember the Howard Stern video where he replays the Lorena job? I've been trying to find the video but am having no luck.

    Anyhoo it was hilarious. You see the silhouette of Lorena doing the chop job and then she takes a drive and tosses the wee wee into a field. A dog runs up grabs the peter and starts shaking his head back and forth like he has a rubber toy. . . while shaking the severed joint flies into the air and just at that time a guy is driving by who just purchased a hot dog from 7 - 11, the johnson flies through the window hits the hot dog which falls out of the bun allowing the richard to sit in the bun. . . the poor driver then takes a bite.

    This friggin video is a classic must see.

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    I have had some really crappy days in my life... but, never, not once, have I ever even remotely contemplated chopping THAT off. This guy is absolutely nuts. He is the nut to which all other nuts should be compared.

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    Remember that old guy in the movie D.C. Cab, he said "Don't let your D!@# run your life". Maybe this guy just had enough of it.
    Let me tell you something about life, around every corner monsters await. I know, I am one.

    If I owned hell and this place, I would rent this place out and live in hell.

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