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    Default Possible Blue LCD panel failing?

    My friend has a Hitachi PJTX100 and on the right side of the screen it there is blue ghost-like coloring that portion of the screen. I have attached an image to help you all see exactly what I am talking about. We are thinking maybe that specific panel is beginning to kick out. Say it is an issue with that panel would he be able to get that specific one repaired or are the components far too small?

    The strange thing is that every now and then the blue blur will flicker slightly in intensity while the rest of the image stays consistent. Very strange...

    Here is the picture, as you can see the blue is on the right side of the screen.
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    Default Hitachi tx 100 blue patch

    Did you solve the issue with the blue patch ?
    I have the same problems.
    I's appreciate knowing how you fixed it

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    could be dust, though Im not sure. If it cant be fixed I would say its time to jump to 1080p anyway, look at the Sony Pearl or the Epson 1080.
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    Most likely the panel is fine.

    I'd say maybe dust on the panel or some other problem in the PJ's video processing circuitry.
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