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    Default For any Xbox 360 owners contemplating getting the HD-DVD Addon...

    Best Buy is running a hallacious deal this week.

    Buy the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Addon for $179 and you get the Heroes Season 1 HD-DVD box set free (right there at the store, no rebate). Normally $99.

    With the King Kong HD-DVD packed in the box plus 5 free HD-DVDs from Toshiba, the drive is free.

    If I didn't already own all the movies in question, I'd do it and Ebay the drive...

    Details HERE

    (I checked this week's Best Buy ad locally and the deal is in there, so it's live.)

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    I may have to buy another drive just for all those HD-DVD's!
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    Also they have 2 free hd dvd's with any hd dvd player, which was intended for the Toshiba's, but they don't have a disclaimer for the 360 add-on. Many have had success with it.

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