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    Default Best way to hook up a sub

    Now I'm just wondering because I have heard a few different things, I have heard that it is best to hook your sub up with the line level inputs, and I've also heard that it's best to hook up with sub pre out, which is best for HT and why?

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    Usually with the line level inputs. That way the LFE is from the media and the crossover is done in the preamp rather than by the sub itself. I think you'll find the vast majority of the folks around use the line level input.
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    sub pre out benifits is that Avr covers the cross over so you can change it a will instead of reaching behind it. Less wires.

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    I prefer the LFE for HT, line level for music only setups.
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    Several ways to do it and keep in mind that the order of list below is not based on quality of sound.

    1. Line level pre-out to sub line level in and use sub crossover knob.

    2. LFE out from receiver to LFE in sub. Based on Polk website, for most polk subs, LFE is unfiltered. Set front speakers to large or preferably small if you have the heart.

    3. Set Front speakers to large and direct LFE to fronts, Connect AV fronts out to Sub "front in" and use sub cross over. Select sub "no" in receiver. Use sub "Front outs" to driver left and right speakers. (Polk recommended, I believe)

    4. Direct LFE/Bass info to both front and sub. Parallel wire front and sub from AV front out.

    5. If you dont have pre-out on receiver, connect LFE out to one of the line level inputs (red or white) and use sub crossover. Set receiver crossover frequency higher, say 200 Hz to mimick full range signal. Set front speakers as Large and LFE/Bass to both to cover the gap.

    You can be as creative as you like. You spent money to enjoy better sound. If you like an arrangement that is technically not perfect dont worry. Just enjoy.
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    If you use the LFE out, then you can set the fronts to SMALL. that would increase the over all volume of your system. your amp will not have to work so hard to push the power hungry lows (that's what the sub's amp is for) , and you will get better, cleaner power all across the range.

    But then again, The bottom line is that I keep changing my setup time and again. HiFi is a bitch that way.

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    I also prefer the LFE for HT,is much better

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