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    Default Ain't this a kick in the d1<K!!!!

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    Yeah, that is mighty retarded....Just goes to show you who the government looks out for...I wonder if Kroger could get hit up for that here? You get a $.10/Gal. discount if you spend over $100 on groceries there......Of course you need to have their savings card, and there is a nominal discount just for having that as well...I just have a hard time believing that gas can go up almost a dollar a gallon over the course of three weeks....That's what happened down here....I knew when it cost $35 to fill up my Jetta this was going to be another ****ty summer....$2.89 for regular and $2.56 for diesel....Looks like a TDI is in my future....
    Quote Originally Posted by troyd
    Who cares if mainstream pop is released in SACD? In most cases, that amounts to polishing a turd.
    Quote Originally Posted by dorokusai
    Have you ever felt the legs of a female equestrian on your head?

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    Its frustrating when you run a business and follow the laws, then a competitor tries to go around the laws to get an edge on you. Its good to see the DoATCP step up and do the right thing.

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    Well there is an interesting take on things.....
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    Don't give PA Governor Ed Rendell any ideas!

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