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Thread: AVR choice

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    Question AVR choice

    This is kind of long... sorry... but thanks for any thoughts you have.

    I was hoping to get some input on the Reciever that I think I have decided on.

    First- my current AVR is a 5.1 RCA (stav3970) with Pioneer guts that is about 8 years old, has almost no input choices and is now dying.

    If your curious, these are my needs -
    I'm not running too powerful of stuff, basically a 5.1 RTi setup. I need 3 component inputs, and upconversion to component. 2 HDMI slots would be nice, but not needed. I'm trying to avoid upconversion to HDMI. I need one set of front a/v inputs. I also need at least 4 digital audio (any combo) total. I'd like a phono input, but I have a preamp if one isn't on the unit.

    I think I have decided on the Pioneer VSX-917-K/S as it meets most of those needs. I've heard another Pioneer unit, and thought it sounded nice, but never heard this receiver on an RTi setup. It's been a long time since I've purchased an AVR, so I'm not sure if Pioneer still makes quality items or not.

    Any good or bad experiences with that reciever?

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    I personally like harman kardon, the avr 245 has 3 component inputs and 2 hdmi inputs 1 hdmi out put but it does not upscales it just switches.. the 247 upconverts. From what I saw it also has all of the other inputs needed and has pre outs just in case of future purchases where u night need more power. I saw on ebay a 247 buy it now for 365.00. You should check it out maybe its for you and maybe not.

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    Welcome Mikey!

    There are tons of receivers out there. Go & listen to as many as you can with music you are familiar with that have all the features that you want.

    You should probably avoid Yamaha's as they tend to accentuate the RTI's tendency to be very bright (tweeter sounds harsh & grating) Also make sure whatever you get, it has preamp outputs for future upgrading.

    Denon, H/K, Onkyo, Adcom, Nad are just a few candidates for you to check out.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I've been researching for a little bit. and I came up with some opinions. First, let me first say that the following is just my dumb opinion I built from researching and listening. I don't mean to offend anyone that owns them, its just what I think.
    • I've looked at and ruled out the Onkyo 604, which would be Onkyo's reciever which covers my needs. I didn't care much for its performance compared to the price.
    • I ruled out Denon's for two reasons- The recievers they have tha meets my needs are above what I'm willing to spend. That and I'm not sure I trust a Hitachi product.
    • I also looked at the H/K 645. I liked it, it wouldn't fit in my entertainment cabinet but I think I could work around that. I'm just not sure I like it more then the Pioneer.
    • I can't find a NAD receiver that meets my needs... any model number suggestions?
    • I ruled out Sony DG800 and Yamaha (any)... I just didn't like them.
    • I don't want a digital reciever, and that eliminated JVC and Panasonic.

    Anything is probably out of my price range (Under $700 new or used). That leaves me with the Pioneer unit or the H/K 645...

    Thanks again for any input.
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