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    Default lfe or pass thru

    Ok I have read the polk recommendations and recommendations elsewhere, but none of them have a really good justification for one or the other. help me out please...:)

    my amp has pre-outs for basically everything, I was thinking of going with a Y adapter to a single rca line, probably the moster thx ultras, from the front left and rights out of the pre-outs hook the Y to left and left and right and right and then down to a run of one right and one left to the lfe on the sub. good idea or no?

    or run left and right NON pre(speaker wire from amp) to the sub and out to the fronts from there. which will give me the best value from your experience? thanks.

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    Using the subwoofer preout to your sub.

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    I would recommend the Canare 4S11 cables with banana plugs, they're easy to put together yourself or you can buy ready made.

    With lots of hook-up options available, I've tried all of 'em. To me, using the front R - L speaker outputs from the amp to R - L speaker inputs on the sub sounds the best.

    I'm assuming you've read this...

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    ok I will give it a shot, thanks.

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