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    Default FM6880 with Onkyo TX-RS803 settings help plz?

    I got this set up of FM6880 with Onkyo TX-RS803 and i'm trying to find the best way to connect these speakers with my reciver and get the best sound that possible when question is when i'm watching a movie that has a lot of talking is dosen't sound that high to me and i need to go to 60% volume to hear well what they talk but at this volume when action gose on it's too loud that i have to lower the volume i set the center to 90HZ i did the automatic mic setup and auto EQ settings but that what i get .Ang suggestions that i need to go through regarding a better settings to get a better sound.One more thing when i get the system contect like polks recommends but I can't see the font speakers in the reciver when i set the SW to OFF .?? why is that ?

    Thanks .
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