Well, except for a few bits that need sorting (like the amp rack :) ), it's done.
My preliminary verdict is.....
bloody hell that's good!!!
The system is;
Head unit=Clarion DRX928r
Front Stage=Polk Momo MM465
Amp=Phoenix Gold QX180.2
Rear Stage=Clarion SRC4673 (6x4)
Subs=a pair of MM120
Amp=Phoenix Gold QX900.1
Vehicle='89 VW Golf (4 door)

The first CD used (as per normal) Star Wars, A New Hope.
I can now hear nuiances in the recording. Parts of the music that I have never heard before have leaped out at me.
I like it.
There is still a little setting up to do. But so far I have to say I'm very, very happy.