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    Default broken monitor 40 tweeter

    probally one of the dumbest things that accidentally happened, but my monitor 40 fell out of the back of my car and dented in one side, and i didnt notice it for a while, but i broke the tweeter when it fell. Is there any sort of replacement tweeter i can buy and possibly install it myself?

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    if you contact polk support and/or wait for a reply to this post from polk support, they should be able to sell you a replacement. Not sure of model number or cost, but it won't be too bad.

    Easy to replace. Tell them you are a polk member if you call and they will give you a discount (10%, I think) and maybe even free shipping.

    Good luck!
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    I'm sorry you had an accident. Send me your address at and I'll send you a tweeter, at no charge.
    Regards, Ken

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