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Thread: Road Trip....

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    Default Road Trip....

    This weekend I got to spend a couple of days with my favorite pastimes. Those being golf, cars and hi-fi. Took off for an 800 mile trip and stayed off of the interstates as much as possible.

    Left early Fri. morning and went over the Smokeys. Stopped in Ashville NC for a listen at Audio Incorporated. Spent about an hour listening to some Vienna Haydns and B&W CM2s. That afternoon played a little mountain golf in NC. Ended up for dinner in Lake Lure and settled in for the night in Gastonia. Not much to do in Gastonia so I headed into Charlotte and went to a Tweeter and listened to Sonus Faber Concertos. Only got to listen for about 25 min since they were closing up.

    Next morning I headed out to Charlotte Motor Speedway (Lowes Speedway for you NASCAR Guys) but as anyone knows that lives in NC it rained and rained and rained.... So I went to a place called Absolute Audio. It is literally in the shadow of the Panther's football stadium. Since it was downtown on a rainy Saturday morning there was nobody around. I would have missed the place if I didn't have the address. I spent well over 2 hours listening to their stuff. The speakers I spent the most time with were Linn Katans and PSB Stratus Minis. The Linns were powered by Linn amplification and a Rega Planet CD player. Very Nice. The PSBs were mated to an ARCAM Diva receiver and CD player. Also very nice. If you are ever in Charlotte you need to go to this store. They carry Linn, Naim, PSB, ARCAM, NAD, AE Acoustics and Rega. All pretty good stuff. Lots of vinyl (if you are into that). Nice folks.

    I went on to the Speedway and spent 3 or 4 hours looking at a bunch of Mustangs in the rain. Not much of a crowd. I got to spend a bunch of time with some of Ford's SVT (Special Vehicle Team) engineers who were there with the newest Ford concept vehicles...the 2003 Mustang Mach I, the GT40 and the Forty Nine. I may be ordering one of the Mach Is. They said half of the scheduled production had already been pre-ordered.

    I left and passed another Tweeter and went in and listed to the Vienna Acoustic Haydens again for about 35 or 40 min.

    Headed back west and got a room for the night. Played a little more mountain golf (no rain west of Ashville) and headed home.

    This was a great trip. Saw a lot of countryside people who stay on the interstate never see. Takes a little longer but I had brought a bunch of CDs I hadn't listened to in a while. I even got to see Polk, NC.
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