yes.. i know.. "sell your damn dx, buy some new speakers" -- nay i say... i live in the past... in a few years, my truck will be the f*in polk museum -- they'll have me on teh history channel.

anyway... I'm runnin 3065 comps up front (putting like 90 rms on them) and using the supplied passive Xovers.

Well... i've got a big pickup, and i've got teh 6.5 woof in the bottom of the door while i've got the tweet on top of the dash... i like the placement however i'm noticing that i need a little more "guitar / low end vocal / grinding 300 - 1k hertz kinda sound" up in my face... i used to run the same set of components only instead of the 6.5 inch component woofer, i used a polk dx6 coax in the woofer position (so it was on the low pass at 3.8khz) ... i liked the sound i got from that but now i used those speakers else where and am going with the actual 6510 woof in the door...

so what i want to do is make my own 3 way (instead of 2 way) comp system ... i'm looking to snag a pair of DX4 (4 inch coax) and use those as my "middle" speaker.

my preliminary idea is as such...
dx3000 tweet - 3.8 khz high pass
dx4 coax- bandpassed - 3.8 khz low pass / 300 hertz high pass
dx6510 midwoofer- 1khz low pass (90 hertz high pass off the amp)

now i know that the woofer and the dx4 will overlap a bit there but my amp is stable at 2 ohms in stereo so it can support the extra load in that region and still give me the power i'm used to.

what do you think?? I'm lookin for some direction here, i mean thats what i "Want" to do.. but i dont know if you guys think its a good idea or not, or if you think i should use difft x-over points...

FYI i'm using capacitors and coils for the "makeshift" x-over that i'll be doing.... what i'm gonna do is take the passive xover that came with the dx's and run the amp power into that.. then run the "high out" to the tweets" and the low out then to the "makeshift" crossover that i'm gonna build.. from there i'll run a 2nd high out to the dx4, and then a low out to the woof... that gives me the least amoutn of work i think without totally voiding my warranty on the speakers.

words or wisdom from kim would be appreciated.

4 dx 12 8 ohm subs
2 dx 9 6x9's
dx 3065 comps
mtx 81000d
mtx 6304
.... 2000 wrms and still boomin.