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    Default I have no LOW Frequencies

    RM6600 & PSW350

    When doing a "Buzz & Rattle" test on the new DVE test DVD, I have no sound from my sub until around 45-40 Hz

    I have it set up the POLK recommended way:

    Phase is set correctly
    Speaker setup in rcvr double-checked and set up correctly
    Crossover on back set correctly (about 150)

    Any ideas?

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    Not even if youíre kneeling down beside it? Thereís no low frequency tone until it reaches 45Hz, well thatís a little odd have you double checked to make sure thereís no break in the cable that runs from the sub output from the AVR to the sub?

    Also take the cover of the sub and press very gently on the cone gently! If you hear a scratching type of sound its more than likely the sub is damaged.

    If it isnít play the low frequencies tones again and place your hand gently on the cone with the tips of your fingers if you can feel solid movement of any kind at 20Hz well Iím at a lost for words.

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