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    Default Adcom 7805 too much??

    Hey guys, yet another thing to run by you. I'm still having trouble finding an amp to be the new base of my HT. Is 300 wpc too much for the Csi40 and Rti 55s in my set up...I'm under the impression that this would be a great fit for helping all of my speakers really find a sweet spot. I would like to have the 300 wpc for the future also when I upgrade speakers at some point. Any help??
    Fronts: Rti 150s
    Center: CSi 40
    Side Surr: Rti 55
    Surr. Back: Csi 30
    Sub: SVS PB12 Plus/2
    Receiver: Denon 3802
    Conditioner: Monster HTS 3500

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    Thats a nice amp to run, and the price is outstanding. That would give you tons of headroom in your HT setup and should power anything you throw at it. has open box listed for 1999.00 a very good price.
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    No, not too much and I think you will be very happy with it.

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    That would be a great amp and would be more then enough for any speaker you may buy in the future.

    Samsung 50" HD DLP
    Yamaha RX-V2500
    (2) Outlaw 200
    Adcom GFA 555
    Sony BDP300
    Denon 2900 DVD
    Lsi9's mains
    Lsi7's rear
    Lsic center
    12.1 SVS driver in 4.53 cuft. tube
    Harmony 880

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