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    Default Help with non working tweeter in rt-8

    Hey, sorry for the lack of an intro, but I have a technical question that I would like answered. I have a set of rt-8 speakers, with sl5001 tweeters in them. I got them from my brother, and one of the tweeters is not working, but its getting power to it. I tried swapping the tweeters between the two speakers, and the other one worked fine in the case. I am just not sure what would cause this tweeter to not work? Am I out of luck, and have to purchase a new one? or is there something I should check for? Thanks.

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    Well, if you are saying that swapping this tweeter with another one worked, then you definitely need a new one. They are not that expensive. Just call Polk CS and tell them that you are Club Polk member, and you will get your tweeter at discounted price and with excellent customer service.
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