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Thread: Sub rookie help

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    Default Sub rookie help

    I've never really understood my sub, I've played around with it a lot over the years and tired to make it sounds as good as possible. Can anyone explain some of the settings I have and based on my system make suggestions (I do have a rudimentary idea of what they do) ? Maybe some people here can help. Based on the AV setup you see below:

    My sub has a lot of different setting knobs:

    BASS EQ: 3 to -3

    LP Filter: 50 to 100

    Phase: 0 to 180

    Base Volume: 1 to 10

    I currently use the Stereo inputs L and R

    The other inputs it has is "Mono Input" and " Xover input both are single inputs.

    I paid $800 for the thing some time ago its specs are:

    Ive pretty much set it at:

    BASS EQ: 0
    LP Filter 80
    Phase 90
    Volume 5
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    Subout of your receiver to the subwoofer input on the back of sub amp, bass eq set to 0, sub gain or volume 1/3 or 1/4 the way up. Run test tones in the AVR, use an SPL meter to adjust sub level to 75db- 78db, use sub gain or sub volume if need be to achieve this. Set crossover level in the AVR to 80hz, sub filter on sub to 80z or disable if possible. Thats a properly calibrated sub. Search the forum for in depth details.
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    The worse type of sub bass I’ve come across at an old friend’s in his home cinema was the Yamaha YST SW-150 which houses two 8” bass drivers is only good within 40 and 120Hz at low sound pressure levels.

    Playing “The Matrix” on this type only produces distortion between the 25Hz and 40Hz response and range is very restricted otherwise it would be damaged.

    With LFE.1 there’s no need to worry about filtering the frequency its designed to perform between 20Hz with a steep cut off at 120Hz and it only operates between the response of 5Hz to 120Hz, but how many films respond below 20Hz the infrasonic range!

    This is why we concentrate between 20Hz and 120Hz the LFE.1 can be very unpredictable and very dynamic between the ranges of the frequencies that can damage a sub bass speaker. Kinder like the RPM on the car too much in the red and that’s BAD!

    An LFE.1 can slam out at any frequency and if the level exceeds 0db expect trouble! Or if the sub is inadequate in size expect to hear it bottoming out!
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