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    Default Conrad Johnson PV7 impression

    Continued from:

    I was about to sell the audible illusions on here and decided I better give it one last listen. Crap I realize it sounds better than the pv7. Now what? I tell myself not to panic. I've got 2 telefunken ecc81's on the way.

    They get here today and I put them in and now I've very blown away with the pv7. It easily sounds like a $1000 pre-amp.

    My simple rig I couldn't be happier with:

    Carver m1.0t amp
    CJ PV7 pre (all telefunken, 3 ecc83's from russman $75, 2 ecc81's from ebay $67)
    Jolida JD100 (groove tubes for now but GE 5751's on order)
    AQ ic's
    cheap 10+ year old monster speaker cable
    Polk SDA 2b speaks
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    I really liked the PV7 so its no suprise here. It was one of the better non-remote pre-amps I've used but I don't settle for that anymore :D

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    Wait until the tubes finish breaking then it'll sound like $1,000,000 :-)

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    Biggest audio regret was selling off my PV7 18-19 years ago. One beautifully simple machine.
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    Rega RP1 w/Ortofon Super OM40
    SimAudio LP5.3 phono pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by dorokusai View Post
    I really liked the PV7 so its no suprise here. It was one of the better non-remote pre-amps I've used but I don't settle for that anymore :D
    I have the PV14L w/ Mullard's & it sounds incredible. I can imagine how good the PV7 must sound as CJ makes dynamite gear. Doro, I'm with you, as one gets along in life little things like remote control becomes a huge "must have" feature. The PV14L has a remote & HT bypass which are both worth their weight in gold.
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    Extensive room treatments

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    I love the warm classic sound of the older CJ preamps. I have a PV1 with some nice NOS tubes and IMO it puts many of the other tube preamps Iíve heard to shame. Iím sure that PV7 with the right tubes would be fantastic. As far as a remote, I wouldnít want it even if the unit did come with one. I like the idea of getting up and turning the knobs, flipping the vinyl. To me itís all part of the experience.

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