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Thread: LSi15's

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    Default LSi15's

    Since the question about the Rti10's were posted. I was wondering what comments would be made about the LSi15's. I owned the Rti10's before I went to the LSI and I loved the 10's. Still breaking in and getting used to my LSi's I do like how they sound. What are you powering them with, your thoughts on sound, and any problems with them. And any other comments that would like to be added.

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    How would you compare the Rti10's with the Lsi15's?

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    I am running mine from my NAD preamp and Cinepro amplifier. I used to run my Onkyo 777 AVR as a preamp. The only amp I have used with them has been my Cinepro, but I have had some varying sucess with preamps....

    Onkyo777 - just plain sucks. sounded very veiled, not much detail, sound volume was all over the place. (as in, even with the system calibrated, still the fronts were very loud and overpowering of the other speakers on some tracks, others were fine - Don't even get me started on how bad DTS was...)

    Rotel 1066 - Rocked. Sounded great, perhaps the best steering of any preamp I have tried yet. (true wall of sound feeling, all speakers just melted away) unfortuneatly, this belonged to Opus, not me, so it was in my system just for a demo/shootout, not to stay.

    NAD T163 - clean, seemed a little veiled, highs appeared rolled off. Was ok for music but made movies just to laid back when combined with the LSi's. Considered just selling it, but right after my purchase NAD annouced their new model and the value of mine apparently tanked. (was not willing to lose that much money on the experiment) Started reading about tweaks and ended up having the OP-AMPS replaced on the output board. A significant upgrade in resolution. much more detail and less laid back. Made it a much better match for the LSi line imo. There are other opamps I could replace, but I am getting so much detail now that I fear adding any more to a lossy format like DVD. (I can hear any faults in sound editing now, let alone if I add more resolution.) I may attempt the upgrade of the rest of the opamps when I go high def and start getting uncompressed sound formats. For now - it sounds really good. (but the steering is still not what I remember from the 1066)

    cables (to the speakers anyway) are 10ga. blue jeans cables. I added swapped the blue jeans cables interconnects for signal cables from the preamp to the amp and added more detail. There was a tradeoff in bass (bass and midbass seem a little thinner to me), but the blue jeans cables I was running were a little to thick in bass anyway. (made the bass seem bloated at times)

    Thats my story and I'm sticking to it,

    Last edited by McLoki; 06-08-2007 at 07:48 PM. Reason: spelling
    Mains.............Polk LSi15 (Cherry)
    Center............Polk LSiC (Crossover upgraded)
    Surrounds.......Polk LSi7 (Gloss Black - wood sides removed and crossovers upgraded)
    Subwoofers.....SVS 25-31 CS+ and PC+ (both 20hz tune)
    Pre\Pro...........NAD T163 (Modded with LM4562 opamps)
    Amplifier.........Cinepro 3k6 (6-channel, 500wpc@4ohms)

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