Hi..Just signed on with this forum. I am about to install a complete system in my new-to-me '01 Saab 9-3 Viggen. I have some questions about setting up a pair of SR-6500 components.

current setup:
-stock 6.5" midbass drivers in front doors, powered by stock 40w amp in kick panel
-3.5" 2-way Boston Acoustics S35 speakers in the stock dash location firing upwards towards windshield
-6x9 3-way Boston Acoustics S95.3 speakers in stock rear deck location firing upwards in rear hatch area
-stock 1 3/4 din Clarion receiver
-Raammat deadening + acoustic closed-cell foam applied to front doors and rear hatch area.

projected setup:
-remove 3.5" dash speakers and stock midbass drivers
-SR 6500 drivers in stock front door location (which if facing door panel, is near bottom of door, right corner, flush-mounted)
-Replace receiver with Pioneer DEH-P6900UB receiver (6 pairs of rca outs)
-keep Boston 6x9's for rear fill
-Infinity Basslink II 250w powered sub mounted in rear hatch area
-either power front and rear speakers using Infinity Basslink 4sc add-on 4-channel amp (35 w/channel, or add higher-powered amp for power)

1. I will have an Infinity Basslink II powered sub in the rear hatch area of the car. It has a 4-channel amp add-on to power front and rears with 35w/channel at 4 ohms. That's probably too little to power the SR-6500's right? I don't listen to my music at deafening volumes, but I do turn it up to the threshold where you can begin to feel the sound pressure starting to hit your body without crossing the line to ear-damaging levels. If it's enough to power them, it would make installation MUCH simpler and cheaper...but I'm not expecting it to be enough, just want to check with you guys on it.

2. If it is not enough, I can get a good deal (about 200$) on either an Alpine PDX-4.100 4-channel amp (4x110 w/channel @ 4 ohms, or a Boston Acoustics GT-22 2-channel amp (2x100 w/channel @4 ohms).
-With the Alpine, I could bi-amp the SR-6500's (100w each), and use the Basslink 4sc (35w) to power the rear fills. Or I could power SR-6500's with 2 channels, and power rear BA fills with other 2 channels.
-With Boston Acoustics amp, I could power SR-6500's with 2 channels (100w/channel), and use Basslink 4sc to power rear fills.

Speaker positioning
1. Should I bother mounting the SR-6500 tweeter in the stock dash locations firing up at the windshield, or is this going to kill imaging?

2. Alternatively, I could mount the tweeter near the top right hand corner of the door panel. This would require cutting a hole in the door panel of course, which if I can avoid I would like to. The only other location I can think of for the tweeter would be perhaps mounted in the area right above the driver (bottom right corner), with the angle mount cups facing upwards.

3. Also could mount SR-6500's in "compaxial" mode with angle mounts facing up. However, the stock 6.5" location in the front doors is a bit

4.. Last possibility would be to spend about 200$ for custom kick panel boxes for the SR-6500's....but there is rather limited space in the leg/foot area of the Saab cockpit.

Please advise on which amplification option and which speaker location option would be optimal.