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    Default Biamping question: "Small" or "Large"

    Hello guys..I have a question and I would really like some expert advice about biamping and system set up.

    Recently I did an experiment with my system. I have Polk RTI 12's in the front and use a Denon 3805 receiver and a Behringer EP 2500 amp. I tried running the Behringer on the RTI 12's with straps on, full range and then tried biamping. I found the bass was significantly better in a biamp configuration using the Denon on the highs and mids and I also had better balance with my Csi5 centre with the receiver running the front soundstage.

    My question is regarding crossovers, and setting speakers to large or small. I don't understand what the point of biamping, or even using an amp at all on the fronts is if I set my fronts to "small". I find my system sounds better on small and the bass is routed to my HSU STF-3 so is the amp useless? Should I be setting my fronts to "large" to get any benefit of the added power to the drivers?

    I also noticed a difference when I turned the low pass filter to "off" on the Behringer EP2500.

    I have learned recently that my RTI 12's have an internal crossover of 120hz. Should that have any bearing on where I set my receiver crossover point? I like it at 80hz.

    I know people will say, adjust it to your liking, but I just want to know if I am setting it in the most efficient way. How would the "experts" set up my system?

    I also have RTI 6's in the back. Denon 2910 DVD player.

    Thanks very much


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    Set them to large for music. They can handle going all the way down. Are you using a sub? If so You should set them manually to 60 or 80hz.
    Enjoy your system. I'm glad your receiver, and amp match well.

    Please. Please contact me a ben62670 @ Make sure to include who you are, and you are from Polk so I don't delete your email. Also I am now physically unable to work on any projects. If you need help let these guys know. There are many people who will help if you let them know where you are.

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    Thank you. Yes I am using a sub. A Hsu STF-3. Very big sub.

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    Set them for lage guy Im running a denon 3300 and set your sub out for the higher of the two choices. let the sub cross it over manually Im running a velodyne 15" under my staircase .....its the best way
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