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    Default LMC1 / LPA1 combo

    LMC1 / LPA-1combo
    Ultra Theater Series;

    I purchased this particular combo for three reasons.
    1. It was in my price range ;)
    2. I wanted this amplifier, it has more than enough power (225@4ohms) for my needs. My system is 5.1 and I don't see it expanding to 6.1 or 7.1 any time in the foreseeable future.

    3. Emotiva's 40% discount for next gen processors

    I've had this combo for almost a week now, I am impressed with the sound, compared to my previous setup.(AVR340/GFA600)
    Mains; Natalie P DIY bookshelves (4ohm)
    Center; Polk CSi3
    Surround; Polk R15
    Sub: Dayton sub 120(turned off for music)
    CD player; Denon 2910 universal player
    Power: PureA/V PF30
    Wiring; Audioquest Diamondback, BJC LC-1, BJC Canare 4S11.

    LPA1 amplifier;
    Build quality is outstanding, nice fit and finish, rubber feet for isolation. Auto sense for 110/220v.

    I popped the top to check out the guts, fairly clean well arranged setup, large toroid power supply(approx. 3.75" deep x 6" diam.

    Nice large heat sinks for all 6 channels (the 6th channel can be split to 2 channels at lesser power)
    This thing is pretty big, even knowing the dimensions and weight I was a little surprised at its size, especially the 19" depth.
    Main power rocker switch in back, soft power switch in front, has a 12 volt trigger.

    Shipped with a very stout 2 prong IEC power cord.

    Easily handled the loud loads I put to it and barely got warm.

    LMC1 pre/pro
    Build quality for me on this is iffy. I had to return the first unit becaus it would not power on, and the volume knob was wobbly like something inside was coming apart.

    The replacement unit powered on just fine, however the multi function knob is just a little wobbly, but this is a push in and rotating knob, may be designed like that.

    This also has a main power rocker switch on the back and soft power on front, with 12 volt trigger.


    I first fired up this combo and tuned in to a local FM station that happened to be playing Dire Straits Money for Nothing, I immediately noticed more clean articulate, and powerful bass than my old
    setup, I even had to double check that my sub was off.

    I played plenty of music through it this weekend, and a couple of movies.

    I thought my old combo sounded good, but this was a huge step up in sound quality.

    All the adjectives used to describe good sound apply to this setup, more open, airy, detailed sound stage.

    The instruments in music all seem to be better balanced loudness wise , if that makes any sense.

    I switched between the DACS in my Denon and the DACS in the LMC1 and found myself liking the LMC1 better.

    In movies also, I found my self letting the LMC1 do the processing rather than the Denon.

    The LMC 1 seems to do Dolby PLII better than my old H?K, but that may be due to the more powerful amp.


    There are some operational issues with the LMC1, ( supposedly fixed in their last soft/firmware update) see:

    While these issues can be annoying to some , I knew about them beforehand, and they really don't bother me.

    I highly recommend the LPA-1 amp if you don't require gobs of power, and are only running a 5.1 or 6.1 setup.

    The LMC-1 sound wise is great, and the 40% off future pre/pros sounds like a great deal.
    If the operational issues are fixed ( mine shipped before the last update) and you are on a budget, check this pre/pro out. 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
    EDITED for latest LMC1 update; I have recently loaded the latest update into my LMC1 and almost all the operational issues have been addressed.:)
    Last edited by brijenjas; 11-17-2007 at 06:10 PM.

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    Great review. Thanks.

    I was interested in a demo of their two-channel amp a while back. Eventually, though, I'd like to get a pre/pro and separate amp. Looks like Emotiva is on the very, very short list.
    HT/2-channel Rig: Sony 50 LCD TV; Toshiba HD-A2 DVD player; Emotiva LMC-1 pre/pro; Rogue Audio M-120 monoblocks (modded); Placette RVC; Emotiva LPA-1 amp; Bada HD-22 tube CDP (modded); VMPS Tower II SE (fronts); DIY Clearwave Dynamic 4CC (center); Wharfedale Opus Tri-Surrounds (rear); and VMPS 215 sub

    "God grooves with tubes."

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    Ceti Alpha V


    Any humming issue with the LPA-1 (from the speakers that is)?
    Any heating issue after, say, watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatchowmein View Post
    Any humming issue with the LPA-1 (from the speakers that is)?
    Any heating issue after, say, watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy?
    No hum, speakers are dead quiet at max volume.

    This amp runs very cool, Emotiva says you can stack the LMC1 on top of it with no problems. I would do that if my shelf was taller.

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    very nice review build quality looks very nice. Keep us up with the plus and minuses you.


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    Not sure how they can sell that stuff so cheap. Made in China I guess. Impressive combo for the money. If/when my Denon 4802 dies, I'll have to give this stuff a serious look. I especially like the built in zone 2 amp in the pre. I've always wanted to run a zone 2 out to my deck with some Atriums, but my Denon doesn't have any amp channels left. (if I were only using 5.1, I would have a pair, but those are disabled once you go to 6.1 like I have)

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    I plan on buying the LPA-1 to run my LSi-15s, LSiC, and four LC65is. At this point I think I will keep my Pioneer Elite VSX82TXV for my processor. I like the HDMI LPCM capabilites with Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. I have heard good things about the LPA-1, glad to hear you like it.

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