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    Default 2003 Civic 4door Install / Opinions / Tips

    So, i just purchased everything for my car, and im freaking excited as hell and stoked to get everything!!!!
    Here is what i got:
    Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-P6800MP w/ I-Pod Adapter

    Speakers: Polk Momo 6.5" Components (Front doors and Rear Deck)

    Subs: 2x Polk Momo 10" Single Voice Coil 300W RMS

    Enclosure: MTX Bass Slammer Dual 10" Sealed

    Amps: MTX Thunder Elite Class D Mono 1200W, MTX Thunder TC 4-Chan 2000w Peak

    Cables: Monster Everything, 4 Gage Speaker, 2 Gage Sub Speaker, 4 Gage RCAs for 4 Chan Amp, 2 Gage RCA for Sub and 4 Gage Power, Distribution Block

    Dampening:Dynamat Xtreme in the 2 front doors and the whole trunk

    Any tips for me? any mistakes i made? Is the Dynamat worth it, and any advice for my particular Car (2003 Honda Civic 4 Door LX)

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    Is the 2004 body style the same? I had to do a lot of cutting on my g/f's car do get the SRs to fit in her 04 civic EX.

    Sounds like youre going to have a helluva system though, the bass slammers can get really loud.
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    Default o boy

    now im scared i really didnt want to have to do any cutting, i already have spacers in the doors from a pair of pioneer 4 ways i installed.... hmm

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    guess you'll find out, won't you :)

    should be a nice setup, keep us updated as you go!
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    The Dynamat is DEFINITELY worth it. In fact, the more the better. You cant have too much damping.
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