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Thread: Sub Grill

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    Default Sub Grill

    Quick question, since I didn't find it in the forums from my search. My Sub (psw12) has a removable grill. If I take it off during movies, does the affect bass, in anyone's experience. For bass heavy movies, it literally shakes some of the pegs out of their holes(the grill is cracked, which may be why) Just didn't know if it would afect my sound quality otherwise. For none super shaker movies, it doesn't go loose.

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    Removing the grill on your sub will have no noticeable impact on the sound quality or on the output of your sub.
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    If it's cracked, I would just take it off and store it man...Easier than dealing with removing it every time you watch a "super shaker movie"......I know it may not be a big deal to remove it every time, but the annoyance factor would drive me crazy...I also tend to prefer the look of subs without the grill on..
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    Leaving it off shouldn't affect the sound quality.
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