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    Feb 2007

    Default Wow, I can hear them

    clanging from here. Them being this guy's brass balls:

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    Oct 2005
    Kansas City


    Cat Wrestling...

    A huge sport in Florida. No surprises here...

    Honoured to be, an original SOPA founding member

    RTi12's - front
    CSi5 - center
    FXi3's - surrounds
    RTi4's - surrounds
    SVS PB12-NSD/2 - sub :D :D :D
    Denon 3805
    Rotel RB-985 5-Channel Amplifier
    Samsung 3600 BluRay Player

    Life is Good!

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    Jul 2001
    Fort Lauderdale, FL


    My 70lb. Bulldog "Dugan The Destroyer", would love a little kitty to play with:)
    Let me tell you something about life, around every corner monsters await. I know, I am one.

    If I owned hell and this place, I would rent this place out and live in hell.

    Mains: Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1
    Preamp: Modwright SWL9.0SE
    Amps: Butler TBD2250, PS Audio Trio
    PrePro: Cary Cinema 6, Outlaw 990
    DAC: Benchmark DAC1
    Universal Player: Denon 2900
    Cables: StraightWire Encore II, Kimber Hero, Audioquest Type 4, CV-8, Columbia DBS
    Power Conditioner: Belkin PF60

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    Oct 2006


    What, no video?

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