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Thread: Joe Bonamassa

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    Default Joe Bonamassa

    Yeah, if you haven't heard this guy yet, go grab an album, any one of them, and just sit back and listen. Impressive is too poor of a word to describe it.

    My favorite one so far is "Blues Deluxe"

    Incredible guitar playing. Spectacular song writing. Goose-bump inducing performances. This album's got everything but free beer and nekkid chicks!

    Yeah, go grab something from Joe Bonamassa. If you like Blues, this guy will end up in your constant rotation of albums.

    Oh, by the way, the mastering is excellent and the recordings are top notch.
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    What he said ^^^^^ and if you get a chance,,,go see him,,or at least pick up one or two of his DVD's.
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    "Had to Cry Today" was on sale at BB for $9.99, so I picked it up. Very good CD. I thought the recording was a little compressed, but otherwise very good music. I'll have to pick up more of his CD's!
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    Bonamassa is definitely a trip live. The CD's are good, especially "Blues Deluxe" and "A New Day Yesterday". That "spectacular song writing" often comes from classic tunes that are 30+ years old, but the young man continues to improve in that area.

    Be sure to check out "Bloodline" if you can find a copy. The band featured Bonamassa, Robby Krieger's son Waylon, Miles Davis' son Erin, and Berry Oakley, Jr. There's even a guest appearance from Warren Haynes on this 1994 CD.

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    It seems he is married to the digital medias. I really would like to get an LP of his but all the googling I've done shows nothing but digital.:(

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