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Thread: 50/35 foot dDMI

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    Post 50/35 foot dDMI

    I need to run a 35 to 50 foot HDMI (ya, I see I fat fingered it in the title) cable for my front projector. When it comes to HDMI, do you think I’m gonna have any problems with the video with one of these. I want it looking perfect 1080P.

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    I use the premium version at Monoprice 50 FT. The only problem with HDMI is it doesn't lock so it can slip out of the projector and or the DVD player.

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    I think that HDMI can do that length, That is a long run for video though...I know they make signal amplifiers for HDMI cables somewhere...It also depends on the quality of cable you are using....

    Here is a link to one of the signal amplifiers....It's actually a repeater...
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    Try and run the cable first and test it out it should work just fine,
    If there is going to be any signal loss then it will be over 50 ft.
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