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    Default Identify my subwoofer!

    Hi all,

    I haven't a clue where to start with speakers... I want to sell my huge subwoofer - takes up all my boot... It's about 2 feet tall, but has no markings or info written anywhere..... Can anyone possibly tell me the brand, type, value and wattage of this please? I realise this may be a long shot!

    Many thanks

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    take the sub out and look on the magnet or around the magnet

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    Jun 2007


    i unscrewed the case but, unbelieveable, the speakers are factory sealed and i can't lift them out to read any marking...

    anyone else recognise these or have any other suggestions!

    cheers! T =o)

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    I think Pyramid made some subs with purple surrounds.

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    you would have to take it out of the enclosure and look at it

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    Default replied

    yeah hey i have the same ones i dont use..about 250 watts each and the brand name is bulldog and there 10" subs

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