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    Default Question to you H701 users

    From everything I can figure, on the Alpine H701, for each preset, you can either use the graphic equalizer, or the parametric, but not both. Correct? This sucks because what I want to do is:

    Use the 31 band Graphic EQ as normal. Then, use the parametric to deal with 53hz seperately, with a very narrow Q factor. My system is in a 15 passenger van which I have converted into simple camper, sort of, and so my very large interior gives me a booming resonance frequency at exactly that 53hz, which dies down by the time you get to 50 or 55, see? Using the 31 band won't cut it, it's too wide.

    Can any of you 701 users comment on this? Thanks.

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    Nope. Cant use the PEQ with the GEQ.

    However, if youre bi-amping you can use the PEQ better because you dont need the 5 KHz band for a midrange.

    I have my tweeters hooked up to the front channels and the mids hooked up to the rear most channels so this way each driver has its own 31 band EQ.

    If you set it up this way you could use the PEQ because then the 5 bands would fit better.
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    Ya I am bi-amping, and experimenting with that now, and your right. That PEQ is a tedious mother f to use, but it does work good and is real flexible. Only thing is I don't seem to have a chart showing the parameters of the Q factor. I got the nice little graphic picture, which helps, but would like to know what the difference in frequency roll off between Q=5 and Q=0.5 is, for example.

    I'm presuming that when you get that little graph of the horseshoe shaped Q slope, then the bars on either side of it represent the bands on either side of the one you are adjusting.

    I'm sure I can find this doing a search.

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