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    Cool 2011 and 2012 receiver reviews

    Some may know, I have had two Sony receivers and they both failed, first one transformer, second one, sub out.
    Nonetheless, I am in the market for a new home theatre receiver. It will pull duties for daily TV/movie watching, PS3 streamer of netflix/amazon and occasional Madden and Blu Ray concerts and movies. Preferred hooked speakers (see sig for clarifications) will be the Monitor 40's (future 60's, once 70's or similar are bought for Sansui) (the R150's for rears until 70's, then 40's to rear) and the CS2, and my PSW10, without the cover to remove the port noise.
    Looking online for reviews, looks like the Denon AVR1912 comes out on top, followed by the Yahaha V671 and the Pioneer 1020K. I was leaning towards Onkyo, Pioneer or Marantz (with port hole), but after the research I have done so far, am leaning to the Denon......Opinions on that or something better ?
    Here is one site that had similar stuff to what I found in many places on the net:

    Now, Denon as the others have newer models, AVR1913, don't know the difference, but, last years models can be had on Amazon or the like for much cheaper, if they are similar, and not upgraded too much....
    I was also considering the Onkyo 809 model.
    But, given my circumstance, would like some input at what would be the hardest worker that can take some abuse from time to time, as I like it loud now and then.
    The Sonys, well, they shouldn't be on anyones list, really.
    HT set up / Living Room
    Sony STR-DN2010
    Main - polkaudio Monitor 60's
    Center - polkaudio CS2
    Sub - polkaudio PSW10
    Surrounds - polkaudio Monitor 40's
    Audio / Dining room / Outdoors
    Pioneer VSX 406 - polkaudio R150's / polk
    audio Atrium 5
    Back Office / Guitar Jam Room
    Sony STR-K665P 5.1 setup

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    I think most people here will say Pioneer.
    I've owned Onkyo & Denon - personally prefer Denon for music & Onkyo for HT.

    A friend from work and his brother-in-law both just bought a Denon AVR1912 and seem to be happy.
    Onkyo TX-NR1008 | Magnepan 1.7 | Polk LSiC | Polk VM20 | Polk DSW microPro 2000 | Parasound HCA-2205A | Oppo BDP-93

    Cary SLP 30 Tube Preamp | Polk LSi7 | Carver M1.5t | Audio-gd Digital Interface | W4S DAC-2 | MAC Mini | Denon DP300f & Pro-Ject Debut III TT's

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