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    Default APC Smart UPS 1500

    So I freed up one of my house servers the other day that was backed by the big old standard APC 1500 for its backup. Is there really an legitimate use of these in a HT? I've *heard* that these things make GREAT additions to throw in a HT to help protect from spikes and such along with something like a Monster power unit. Of course, I donít think it would be much use in actually being power backup. Any thoughts out there? I plugged a good 1000 WATT server into it, could you drop your AVR or AMPS on it?

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    I have used several 1400's for protection from blackouts with computers and they have saved the day. There is a disclaimer though as to what they can power:

    The output waveform of this UPS is a sine wave approximation suitable for use with modern computer power supplies. Other loads may malfunction or the UPS could be damaged.

    Here are some alternatives.
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    I have the Belkin UPS. Occasionally I would see lines across my DLP, especially when using it as a computer monitor. And my Infinity subs had a slight hum at higher volumes. The Belkin solved both problems, plus I know my DLP's bulb is safe if I have a power outage.
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    I have a SU1000 that I tried to see if it would clean up power for my HT and it didn't help. It definitely provided protection for the equipment, but I didn't see that it provided "clean" power.

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