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Thread: Monica Ii Dac

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    Default Monica II Dac

    Well I received the monica II DAC from Gaara today and so far am very happy with it.

    First impressions are slightly better clarity, more warmth, enhanced soundstage, more bass.

    One thing not to do with this is if you have the oppo 970-HD is have the digital output set to raw because at this point via the coxial digital out it runs at full volume.

    And if you are running it straight to your amp on this setting with no pre in between there is no volume control it is either on or off.

    I made this mistake and almost shi*my pants. when one moment there was silence, the next probablly 110db or so. I managed to find the mute button on the remote thankfully lol.

    The only way I could control the volume was to go into the setup menu and set it to pcm, then it worked fine.

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