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    Default FYI: 3 Ring of Death Turnaround Timetable

    Boy, not sure if my title makes any sense. Anyway, in case anybody was wondering how long it takes to send a unit back...

    Called MS: Thu, July 5th.
    MS Ships RMA box: Unknown. Package is lost (probably by my apartment office) and finally shows up (25% caved in) around July 20th (forgot date).
    Ship to MS: Mon, July 23rd.
    Arrives at repair facility: Wed, July 25th.
    New unit (different serial number and different mfg date) ships: Thu, Aug 2nd.
    New unit arrives: Tue, Aug 7th.

    Included is a letter of apology and a 1 month free pass to Live.

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    It took less than a week for the RMA box to arrive after I called.
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    Looks like they have a very quick turnaround had your box not gotten lost by the post office/ups/apartment manager or whomever.

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    My latest turnaround was 29 days. The other two times were a similar length as well.

    5-6 days to get the box (due to weekend), 5-6 days to ship it back (also due to a weekend), they sat on it for about a week, and then 5-6 days to ship (once again, a weekend got in the way).

    fun stuff.

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