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    Default Speaker replacement woes

    Hello everybody,

    Long Time Polk fan here and I have a story that is not for faint of heart. I have a pair of RT-800 towers' and the other day I turned on the crappy receiver I've been using due to living in squalor and abject poverty and the d#$n thing blew the drivers in my left channel!

    My question is how easy is it to replace these myself and what kind of cost will I be looking at? I bought a nice Sony to replace the crap receiver that shall remain nameless due to my shame of even owning it and summarily took said receiver and put a 230 grain Hydrashok through it's brain to insure it never hurts another pair of speakers.

    In addition, I have a pair of Polk Monitors Serial numbers 06264 & 06245 that were given to me and are dead dead dead. I want to replace the drivers and possibly the tweeters in these as well to use for rear surrounds on my poor mans system. Any idea on cost to accomplish this as well?

    Thank you Polk Audio and Bless you Matthew Polk for the pair of SDA 2.3's that I loved and cherished but lost to house fire a few years ago. I will never forget them.


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    Hello Glenn,
    Sorry to read of your speaker troubles. You may telephone us at 1-800-377-7655 for parts ordering information on all of your speakers. Be sure to mention the Club Polk membership for reduced prices and free shipping.
    Regards, Ken

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    Replacing most speaker parts are pretty easy to replace as long as you are comfortable using hand tools. You can always post a pic if you have a question, or try to write it out.

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    Yes it should be as simple as removing a few scews, unplug the 2 wires, plug them into the new driver, stick it back in the box, and screw it back in.

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