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    Default Center channel and rears

    If I have a large center (Klipsch Academy) and two Polk RT35's as rears (also large) shouldn't I call them 'large' in my set Yamaha's set up?

    Or in the classic HT 5.1 set up, I should call the front mains (again they're large but called small) and call the center and rear channel speakers small.
    Hence, the sub carries all bass below 90 hz.

    If I haven't lost you, my real question is; Since all of these speakers are capable of carrying bass from 90 hz down to around 40, aren't we losing a lot sound especially from the center channel?

    Thanks for any input.

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    It is generally best to set all of your speakers to small and let the sub handle everything below 90hz. This provides maximum headroom and current to your mid base and up speaker performance and allows the sub to do what it does best. This will give you undistorted deep bass and, when properly calibrated, will blend in perfectly with the rest of your sound.
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    I have my center and rears set to small but crossed at 60Hz so they're still handling some of the tamer bass. I found the surround effects and voices were much more palatable this way then when I had them crossed at 90Hz or 120Hz.

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    Experiment with the settings.
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